Natureland - Our Mission to provide organic healthy foods in Kuwait

Natureland - A Family Venture

Natureland is a family business that began around 1996. Khalid Sultan Al-Essa is a man who has had a life-long passion with organic foods. A man who loves fresh air in the morning, sunlight, and all that Allah’s has offered us in nature from scenery, plants, livestock, fresh fruits, and vegetables. By instinct he never appreciated the use of pesticides in agriculture. At home he enjoys farm fresh dairy, homemade yogurt and butter, grinds whole grains and makes his own homemade bread, and even likes harvesting his own honey. His passion for all that is natural was the inspiration of everything that is Natureland today.


Our Mission & Vision


The food we eat is part of our health and its quality depends on the way it is grown and produced. Natureland organic food has the following qualities.

Natureland Food doesn't contain any chemical pesticides used in traditional agriculture which cause water, air, and soil pollution. On the contrary, organic agriculture seeks to reduce, and eliminate reliance on practices and inputs that are harmful to soil life and hazardous to water and air quality, and most importantly our health.


Natureland food products are totally seed-to-mouth natural. They are grown in organic soil, and provided with organic fertilizers. They receive no chemical fertilizers, or pesticides, in the processing of Natureland food no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors are ever used.

When conventional food is called natural, this is usually in the reference to only the processing stages. As for the agricultural production, it may begin with a genetically altered seed, or be grown with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.


In order to be sure that Natureland food is organic we require the presence of independent certification agencies that carry out laboratory test of our food for the presence of pesticides. Furthermore, the certification agencies visit, and go through the books of our producing partners to be sure that their ingredients and methods are in conformance to the conditions of organic agriculture.

Most of our products are certified organic, with only few exceptions. We are certified by Ecocert. An international certification agency based in France, and with offices all over the world.


Natureland food offers you the natural taste of food because it does not contain any artificial flavors, or preservatives. Even the plants are not force fed with chemical fertilizers, and are instead fed nutrients produced by the organic soil. So we should go back and re-learn the real taste of food, not the chemically altered foods.